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Two Simple Terms and Conditions

  • If you're Kenneth Branagh or someone of similar stature, please contact Bo directly to make appropriate financial arrangements.
  • If you're an individual or production company of more modest means, please give credit to the composer and mention that the Music For Shakespeare was originally written for The Atlanta Shakespeare Company.

Getting the Music is Easy!

First, browse through the Library and decide what you want.

Then just send a payment using the PayPal button below along with an email letting me know your selections.  Price list below:

Individual audio file are $1 each.

Entire Collections (CD's) can be yours for $15. 

For just $25 you can get the performance rights, sheet music and recording of any piece of music.  I can also provide production support in the form of demo recordings of individual voice parts, tabs for guitar parts, etc. 

Like what you hear?  For a one-time payment of $500 you can get a password enabling you to download everything on the site; a library of hundreds of PDF's and audio files!

PayPal me!