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Meet Bo Ketchin Gaiason...


- Why is some of the music by Bo Ketchin and some by Bo Gaiason?

- I changed my name in 2008.

- Why have you made it so easy to get the music?

- My needs are met.  I have no desire for more.  This is my legacy; a true life's work.  I want what any loving parent would want for a child: Live free, and thrive.

I've been the Resident Composer for the Atlanta Shakespeare Company since 1984.  Those of you who have frequented The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse have more than likely seen and heard my music and playing over the years.

I've also written a great deal of choral music, a large number of pieces for classical guitar, and a bunch of other stuff, the best of all of which you'll find here.

I'm still composing, though honestly I feel more like a doorway through which the music passes into this world.  Check back often for updates.  And please feel free to contact me.  I'd love to hear from you.


About Bo
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